Cinematic Queen: How Gracie Took Over TikTok

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3 min readOct 6, 2023
Cinematic Queen: How Gracie Took Over Tiktok —

If there’s one thing we can agree on about Chihuahuas, it’s that they’re incredibly talented. Whether you want to teach them new tricks or correct bad behavior, it will only take minutes before your Chi will do what she’s told. In some cases, owners take further steps and use this talent to help their pup become a cinematic queen.

How the Cinematic Queen Came to Be

Along the same lines, a funny creator in TikTok has shown his lovely Chihuahua doing more than party tricks. The adorable dog called Gracie resonates her name with every step she takes, gracefully stealing our hearts in the process.

From emotional rollercoasters to pure 30-second fun, Gracie and her dad take upon adventures that we can only dream of.

Below, you will find our selection of the top ten videos of the duo, so you can get ahead of the week and continue going about it with a laugh on your face.

1. Who Knew Trust Falls Could Be So Intense?

In our first cinematic gem, we invite you to witness an unexpectedly heart-pounding scene that flips the script on your typical, fun-loving trust fall. Ever thought a Chihuahua could put a twist to the trust fall game? Well, Gracie is no ordinary Chihuahua.

2. Hip-Hop Dances Meet Graceful Moves

Who said tiny dancing paws can’t groove to Hip Hop? This little diva is out on a mission to redefine the boundaries of dance. Gracie, with her miniature form and glossy coat, adds her unique twist to hip-hop, that we can’t help but love!

3. Titanic — The Real Director’s Cut

Experience the magic of Hollywood blockbusters through the lens of our TikTok’s cinematic queen, Gracie. Get ready to witness the Titanic like never before, with a performance that will have you both giggling and in awe of our little star’s talent.

4. When Matching Your Dad Becomes Too Much

Enjoy as Gracie hilariously mimics her owner’s moves, resulting in a literal ‘Doggie Does Dad’ candid camera moment. But when things go a smidge too far, stick around to see how this tiny star gets out of it.

5. WAP — The Chihuahua Version

Suited up in her adorable sailor outfit, our TikTok queen struts her stuff with a confidence that’s both endearing and hilarious. The video brings a fresh, doggy twist to Cardi B’s mega-hit, turning it into a must-see viral sensation.

6. It’s Tiring Being Fabulous All The Time

This clip showcases our beloved Gracie dramatically posing while ‘struggling’ to deal with her immense fame. The video hilariously portrays Gracie’s exhaustion from being the object of everyone’s adoration 24/7.

7. A Full-Time Diva

This TikTok shows Gracie hilariously embracing her diva nature with a full-time, unabashed commitment. You can’t help but be charmed as Gracie struts her stuff, embodying the motto — If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

8. Billie Ain’t Got Nothing on Gracie

Dressed top to toe in a stylized version of Billie’s iconic oversized clothing, Gracie gives an im-paws-ibly endearing performance that captured the hearts of millions across the globe.

9. Star Wars Hidden Scenes

Bursting with charm and whimsical fun, this cinematic masterpiece shows Gracie recreating iconic moments with Star Wars’ baby Yoda — all with a delightful Chihuahua twist!

10. Being a Muse Isn’t Easy

With her charming antics and mischievous twinkle in her eyes, Gracie demonstrates that keeping us entertained is harder than it looks! Yes, even when you’re just posing for Dad’s “masterpiece”.


Stepping into the world of TikTok, dominated by dance-offs and lip-syncing battles, cinematic superstar Gracie, a tiny Chihuahua, has managed to captivate millions with her elaborate scenes and substantial storytelling.

The real-life sceneries and situations in which Gracie finds herself offer viewers an unforgettable, high-quality cinematic experience.

Gracie’s account doesn’t just provide cute pet videos but offers so much more. It’s a platform that brings Chihuahua lovers together, and we’re delighted to be a part of it!



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