Gabriel Iglesias Spent $100k on his Chi’s Party

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3 min readAug 4, 2023
Gabriel Iglesias Spent 100k on his Chi’s Party —
Gabriel Iglesias Spent 100k on his Chi’s Party —

Gabriel Iglesias spared no expense when he threw his beloved chihuahua a lavish quinceañera party with over 300 guests. Gabriel’s Chihuahua party included other dogs, entertainment, and music, which cost a whopping $100,000.

Gabriel Iglesias, the renowned comedian affectionately known as Fluffy, proved that his love for his chihuahua Risa knows no bounds when he threw her a lavish quinceañera party that left everyone in awe.

The celebration, held outdoors, featured opulent decorations, live entertainment, and mouthwatering food, all amounting to a staggering cost of $100,000.

A Party Fit for Royalty

The quinceañera, a traditional Latin American celebration of a girl’s 15th birthday, is usually reserved for young ladies, but for Gabriel Iglesias, his four-pound pooch Risa was the guest of honor. Gabriel’s Chi party was a grand spectacle with over 300 guests in attendance, including other dogs, making it a paw-some affair.

The venue was beautifully adorned with twinkling string lights, colorful balloons, and elegant floral arrangements that added a touch of sophistication. The round tables, each adorned with intricate bouquets, made it look like a fairy tale wedding rather than a dog’s birthday bash.

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly Risa’s entrance in a custom carriage. Gabriel Iglesias proudly wheeled her in, making her the center of attention. As they walked through the party, Risa was met with applause and adoration, as if she truly understood the significance of the celebration in her honor.

The crazy Gabriel Iglesias party, filled with entertainment acts and music
The crazy Gabriel Iglesias party, filled with entertainment acts and music

A Quinceañera Unlike Any Other

Gabriel Iglesias, known for his humorous performances, showcased his love for his beloved chihuahua in a way that caught everyone’s attention. The party planning was entrusted to One Call Events, who ensured that no detail was overlooked.

The extravagant affair featured a live band, a DJ spinning tunes, dancers twirling to the rhythm, and even a special performance by the renowned man-and-dog act Christian and Scooby.

The lavishness extended to the food selection, where the guests were treated to a delectable feast. They indulged in al pastor mini tromps, bacon-wrapped hot dogs, juicy hamburgers, succulent carnitas, and roasted corn on the cob. A refreshing Aguas Frescas station quenched their thirst amidst the festivities.

Gabriel Iglesias’s quinceañera for Risa was far more than a luxurious affair; it was an expression of love and gratitude for the years of happiness his beloved pet had brought him. The comedian, who is known for his comedic flair, also displayed his softer and more sentimental side as he celebrated his canine companion with joy.

The buffet table at the Gabriel Iglesias Chi Party
The buffet table at the Gabriel Iglesias Chi Party

Gabriel Iglesias — The Incredible Man

Gabriel Iglesias’s extravagant celebration for Risa serves as a reminder of the deep bond that often exists between humans and their pets. Dogs, especially, hold a special place in our hearts, becoming cherished members of the family.

The love and loyalty they offer are unwavering, and in return, they deserve all the love and celebration we can offer them.

The quinceañera for Risa will undoubtedly be a night to remember for all those who attended. It was a celebration of life, love, and the special connection between a man and his best friend.

Gabriel Iglesias, through this extravagant event, has shown the world that our pets hold a significant place in our lives, deserving of all the love and care we can provide.

Risa’s magical night under the stars will forever be etched in the hearts of those who love her, and it will serve as an inspiration to cherish and celebrate the furry companions who bring joy to our lives.



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