How Often Should You Bathe Your Chihuahua?

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4 min readJul 12, 2023

Does your chihuahua run around like a nutcase once he’s had a bath? This is unofficially called the ‘zoomies’ and can be comical to watch, but the reason they do it is to relieve the stress of being bathed. How often should you bathe your Chihuahua is a question we often get asked, on top of how to bathe a Chihuahua at home.

We’ll start with this: most chihuahuas will tolerate a bath, but few enjoy the process. Some will allow you to blow dry them as well, Mika loves the hairdryer and will happily sit while you dry him, but Minnie just has to see it and she’s gone.

How often should you bathe your Chihuahua, illustrated by a wet Chi under a water hose

How Often Can You Bathe Your Chihuahua?

There are a few things that will affect how often should you bathe your chihuahua, so there is no definitive right or wrong. Bathing your Chihuahua once a month is about right and once every three months is the minimum.

A good reason for bathing your chihuahua is the opportunity to check for skin abrasions, lumps, fleas, and bites. They are much easier to see when their fur is wet.

At What Age Can You Bathe a Chihuahua Puppy?

Many pup grooming experts agree that a puppy’s first-time bath age ranges from six to eight weeks old. By then, Chihuahua puppies’ bodies can handle the bath without them experiencing a wide, uncomfortable temperature fluctuation.

However, you take care of your Chihuahua puppy, so they’re used to the water, bathtub, or bucket. Forcing them into it can cause your pup to create a negative association — the effects of which you’ll see further down the line.

The Dos and Dont’s of Bathing a Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are not known for their off-roading and probably will require fewer baths than the average dog. But just because they are cute, doesn’t mean they don’t love to roll in fox poo and other disgusting substances so on occasions an emergency bath is inevitable.

Most people would suggest that every week is too often unless there is a medical need for it. Overbathing will wash out the natural oils in your chihuahua’s coat and could make his skin dry.

When can you bathe after flea treatment, illustrated by a Chihuahua on a foam bucket

When Can You Bathe after Flea Treatment?

How often should you bathe your Chihuahua after flea treatment? If you are using spot-on flea treatments, then you need to avoid over-washing your Chihuahua. Certainly, don’t wash your dog within a week of applying or you could just be wasting your money. I prefer not to use these products, but Minnie has developed a severe flea allergy, so we have had to go with it over the summer and autumn flea seasons.

Should You Bathe to Kill Fleas?

If your Chihuahua has picked up fleas, they will be cat fleas. Yes, that’s even if you don’t have a cat they live in the grass. Bathing is an effective way to get rid of them. Make sure the first thing you do is put a ring of soap around your Chihuahua’s neck. This will prevent the fleas from running up your chihuahua to avoid the water.

We use neem oil shampoo if fleas are a problem; neem oil is a naturally occurring insecticide that comes from the Neem tree in India. You need to leave it on for around 10 minutes for it to work. So, take some treats into the bathroom with you!

Go through your chihuahua’s fur with a nit comb to make sure you get rid of all the eggs as well. Remember that you need to clean all the dog bedding as well as carpets if you are going to rid your house of fleas.

What Shampoo to Use on Chihuahua

Many dog owners are puzzled by what shampoo should you use on their Chihuahua. A dog-specific shampoo is best, but you can use baby shampoo at a push. We like Dermacton Itchy Dog Shampoo as Minnie and Mika are prone to dry skin. It is very mild, rinses out well, and has a nice, slightly medical smell.

Wet and soapy Chihuahua being held by their owner

Should You Use Conditioner on Your Chihuahua?

Should you use conditioner on your Chihuahua? Bathing your chihuahua can be a pain and it’s easy to forgo the conditioner just to get the process done. But, adding a conditioner after the wash will help seal the hair cuticle. If you have a long-hair Chihuahua, it helps de-tangle. We like Wild Dog conditioner as it is suitable for dry skin.

Wrapping Up

When all the bathing is done, wrap your chihuahua up in a nice fluffy towel for a well-earned cuddle. And with that, we hope to have answered your question on how often should you bathe your Chihuahua.

For those of you who need more tips on Chi care, like how often should Chihuahuas be walked or how often should Chihuahuas eat, make sure to scout Chihua Corner for some of the best resources on Chihuahua care.



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